the model pictured above is black (i.e his father is black), he are on tumblr blogs as black male models and i can’t help but wonder if he consider themselves black and if he does, should we (and by we i mean black people foh (white ppl n everyone else not black (and i mean black every fucking day black not when its convenient or cute or helpful))?

I guess that sounds like a fucked up question but i often wonder in my struggle for sanity what would happen if i were to marry a black man that looked like this? What kind of message does that send to our children, what does that mean for all the things that i will have done for black people by then? If MLK or Marcus Garvey or Malcolm X had a woman that was the female version of this, would they have still been viewed as the great leaders they are now or would we have wrote them off even knowing that she was “half” black.

I ask because when you see people who are liberated and conscious they are always portrayed as dark to medium brown, with afros, locks and braids. Our fairer skinned brothers and sisters with finer hair and thinner noses never seem to be in the loop, like they are already a lost cause or a bad check to be written off. When black love is pictured its always black or brown skin men and women together, never a mix. And when it is a mix the picture almost looks wrong, you feel that the darker skinned partner has some how sold out or turned their back on black people. 

I tried to make this sound as intelligent as possible but feelings don’t often lend themselves to verbalization in the heat of the moment. All this to say in our attempts to love ourselves and our blackness are we still caught up in the same web of skin-color supremacy, only now the pendulum has swung to the opposite extreme. I love black people and i love being black but some part of me wonders if i had a son with light eyes or fine hair or even fairer skin he would be viewed as less black, and if i were to love and marry a man who looked that way we would both be viewed the same, as traitors, agents or people who aren’t completely committed to us.

So many questions so little time.

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